Unlike most smart repairers whom only may repair part of the damaged wheel by “blending” or “blowing in” the damaged parts of the wheel, which in time can lift or peel in wet conditions, we at Angel Custom Wheels repair and refinish the whole wheel from top to bottom and side to side using 2K paint to ensure a long lasting, watertight finish.

Each set of wheels requires individual process depending on the finish or style of the wheel but all wheels are refurbished by Angel Custom Wheels are guaranteed by the following 5 steps:

Step 1: Preparation

All wheels are chemically cleaned, tyres removed or beads popped. Tyres masked up. All damage removed, wheel reshaped and keyed.

Step 2:

The wheels are then primed in 2k primer and baked up with infrared lamps.

Step 3:

Then the appropriate colour is applied to the wheels with up to 3 coats to get the desired colour and effect before being baked under infrared lamps.

Step 4:

Finally the wheels are completely covered with a minimum of 2 coats of Anti-scratch 2k lacquer and baked for the last time under infrared lamps.

Step 5:

The wheels are reassembled, tyres are inflated to correct pressures and put back on the vehicle in the order they were removed. Finally the wheels are Torqued up to their correct setting.
Please note that Diamond Cut replication, 2 tone wheels and custom wheels may need additional masking and painting between stages 3 and 4 and may incur additional costs.